Research Highlights

Sexual Selection and Adaptive Coloration in Primates

Dr. James Higham (NYU) describes his research group's work on the selection pressures, especially sexual selection, underlying facial color variation in Old World Monkeys.

Life history trade-offs with skeletal health among the indigenous Shuar of Amazonian Ecuador

Dr. Felicia C. Madimenos (Queens College / CUNY) describes her collaborative research on the trade-offs between reproduction and skeletal health among the indigenous Shuar of Amazonian Ecuador.

Plesiadapiform Postcrania, Primate Origins and Supraordinal Relationships

Dr. Stephen Chester (Brooklyn College / CUNY) describes his collaborative research on Paleocene and Eocene plesiadapiform skeletons.

Why do helpers help? Molecular, Endocrine, and Phenotypic Expression of Allomaternal Care in Red-Bellied Lemurs (<i>Eulemur rubriventer</i>)

Dr. Andrea Baden (Hunter College / CUNY) describes her collaborative research with Dr. Stacey Tecot (University of Arizona) on allomaternal carrying in red-bellied lemurs.

Stress, Sociality, and Reproduction in Female Chacma Baboons

Shahrina Chowdhury (CUNY PhD Student) describes her ongoing PhD research on the effects of environmental and social stressors on the behaviour, physiology, and reproduction of female chacma baboons in the Cape Peninsula of South Africa. This project has been funded by the National Science Foundation and the Leakey Foundation and is supervised by Larissa Swedell (Queens College / CUNY).

Paleontological Field Work at the Pliocene Fossil Mammal Site of Senèze

Dr. Eric Delson (Lehman College / CUNY and AMNH) describes his recently completed re-excavation of the fossil site of Senèze, the reference locality for the late Villefranchian.

Migration and Urbanization on the Swahili Coast

Dr. Ryan Raaum (Lehman College / CUNY) describes his ongoing NSF-funded project reconstructing the human population history of the East African coast. This interdisciplinary project brings together specialists in archaeology, skeletal biology, population genetics, and ancient DNA in order to unravel the establishment and transformation of human populations on the Swahili Coast.